Diversifying the Game Industry

Our Mission:

Support underrepresented creators and radical interactive media.


What We Do

Empower development through funds, equipment and space.
Mentor for success, ultimately sending strong developers into the community.
Champion these radical, diverse projects in an industry that desperately needs them.

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Areas of Impact

Interactive media has the power to shape perception, to change views, to enlighten. As diverse developers we create for the widest possible audience, where we are both reflected in our own art and are enriched by stories unlike our own. We are committed to diversity being the norm. By supporting diverse creators we change the industry; by championing diverse works we change the world.


Rad Jams

We make game development accessible to our community by hosting local summer camps and game jams with experienced mentors on deck.


Rad Magpie for Hire

We’re a diverse network of skilled developers from different backgrounds. If your interactive media project needs help, we’re available for contract opportunities.


Rad Studio

We empower others by incubating teams of diverse developers to help make their interactive media goals a reality. Applications are open now!


In-House Studio

Our in-house studio is where we champion our own radical interactive media projects. Currently, our studio is working on a Sri-Lankan fantasy game called Sigiriya.


Get Involved

Right now the most helpful way that people can get involved is to donate to our cause! We run summer camps, summer incubator programs, an internal studio, and that takes a lot of people-power. Your donation will go straight into our summer camp or  underrepresented developer’s project fund. Rad Magpie is a registered 501(c)3.


Make a Donation

Each donation helps us in our continued effort to support creative work by diverse developers.