2019 Rad Jams


Jam Dates:

May 17 - May 19

June 7 - June 9

June 14 - June 16

August 2 - August 4

September 6 - September 8

Camp Dates:

June 24 - June 28

July 8 - July 12

July 22 - July 26

View from the Burlington Surf Club

View from the Burlington Surf Club


Jams and camps cost $450 per participant, with scholarships available upon application. Afternoons with the Surf Club during Jam Camps are an additional $150 per participant for the week, which includes equipment costs.

Jams vs Jam Camps

Weekend Jams

  • Our Rad Jams are game-creation only, and run over the course of a weekend. Jammers arrive Friday evening, get to know each other and brainstorm, then return Saturday morning and make games all day.

  • Sunday they’ll return to the jam to hone in on their favorite projects and work together to complete them. Friends and family can join jammers Sunday night for a game demo and playtest where they can show off their games!

  • These events are two days and two evenings only, with campers returning home each night.

Jam Camps

  • Rad Jam Camps are five days long, with game creation in the morning and an opportunity to shift modes and locations in the afternoon to spend the rest of the day on the lake, in partnership with our friends at WND&WVS and the Burlington Surf Club!

  • After a busy morning of game dev, jammers will take a short stroll towards the lake from the Champlain College Lakeside Campus to the BSC, where they will enjoy an outdoor brown bag lunch before hitting the water. The expert staff at the BSC will lead them through an afternoon of lake exploration on a wealth of fun toys.

  • Rad Jam Camps combine high tech with high energy in a fun-filled day camp environment.


Burlington Surf Club

With top of the line paddle boards, windsurfers, Hobie cats, a SUP polo arena and two gigantic paddle boards fit for a crew of 8, the weather and wind will determine the play of the day at Burlington Surf Club. Kids will be introduced to the basics of stand up paddling and improve their balance and agility while “walking on water.” On windy days, they'll learn to read it and ride it from pro instructors who are passionate about the sport.

The experienced crew of water people will provide an afternoon of lakefront play, building new skills, confidence on water, and enjoying the incredible resource in Burlington's front yard. Learn more about the Burlington Surf Club [here]

*Applicants will note on the application which programs they are interested in applying for.