Rad Studio Projects


Querent - 2018

Querent is a tabletop role playing game by Fat Bird Studios that uses tarot cards to create a narrative-driven and personal experience. Players can use existing tarot cards within a new narrative framework to build characters, worlds, and host an entirely new kind of role-playing. Since working with us as a Rad Studio project during the summer of 2018, the Querent team has grown immensely. They hosted a wildly successful Kickstarter that was funded within the first 2 hours of their posting it, their team has doubled in size, and they just opened their store, where you can pre-order the “Cartomancer’s Tome” as well as a custom tarot deck. We can’t take all the credit for their success - This is a self-motivated team who took it upon themselves to create their own marketing campaigns, brand their product, and really make this game come to life in a big way.


Applications open for Rad Studio 2019 have CLOSED!

Rad Studio is an incubator program through which development teams can apply for support from our experienced mentors. From our internal design, marketing, art, and programming teams, to our strong network of industry connections, selected teams will have access to a wealth of knowledge, plus a small stipend to boost production and free marketing materials.


Summer 2019 Projects

We’ve accepted seven diverse teams for the 2019 Rad Studio incubator program, exponentially increasing our studio incubator’s reach since last year. We’re so incredibly grateful for our community’s support in helping us fund this program, and we’re truly proud to announce the projects we’ll be working with for our 2019 incubator as follows:

“A Beautiful Day for a…”

Devs: Anna Margotta, Julia Broman, Miranda Mallery, Chase Peterson-Gurak

“Straight Dungeon”

Devs: Travis Dufresne, Skylar Chandler, Miranda Mallery, Anna Margotta

“-soon to be titled-”

Devs: Giancarlo Gioielli, Sydney Hernendez


Devs: Leah Gimbutas, Grace Tuohey-Kay, Leah Peterson, Wesley Elmer, Marc Bonilla, Joseph Tecce, Anders Lindberg, Devin Gallucci, Abraham van Overbeeke

“Rave Gobbler”

Devs: Rose Gruner, Savannah Gamache, Tommy Mann, Jae Ettinger


Devs: Fillipo Scarfo, Walter Hill, Jack Long

In-House Studio Projects



The first of its kind, Sigiriya is a Sri Lankan fantasy game for mobile. The game tells the age old story of Sigiriya, a giant rock fortress in the Sri-Lankan rainforest that served as a usurper king’s domain for 18 years. You play as the architect of this early society, and you’ve been tasked with making Sigiriya into a societal structure worthy of the new king with the help of your community. The team behind Sigiriya is Rad Magpie’s first in-house studio development team, composed of a diverse crew of developers from a healthy mixture of professional backgrounds.