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Diversifying the Game Industry

Our Mission is to support underrepresented creators and radical interactive media.


Rad Magpie selects interactive media projects from diverse creators to be incubated on an annual basis, generally in the summer months. Projects and teams are selected based on the reflection of diversity, feasibility with the available resources, and viability for their market. We provide space, equipment, and management resources in addition to guidance and support for these teams to raise their own funding and capital.

Rad Magpie’s activities include executive oversight of these projects, producer and showrunner assistance to the teams for best project management practices, computers, software and peripherals needed for development, and 24 hour workspace access. As teams develop their projects, they report to Rad Magpie on a regular basis to show progress and seek guidance or other assistance as needed.

Developers working with this support and guidance have both a greater chance of success, and fewer ramifications for failure. This empowers diverse creators to take artistic risks and work from personal vision and perspective.



Summer and ongoing design teams have constant mentoring and support from Rad Magpie staff. We come from diverse backgrounds and work with social justice in mind. Our goals for our mentees are audacity, risk-taking, and a leadership mentality.


Our goal is not product success, but personal success -- this may include risk-taking and failure.

Why failure? We believe that diverse demographics are under disproportionate pressure to succeed. All entrepreneurship and creation has failure as a possible outcome, and we believe that majority groups are more willing and able to take risks in their ventures. Minority groups, on the other hand, often have a strong sense of “something to prove,” and failure is therefore more weighty. Our hope is to create a risk- and failure-tolerant environment by never requiring teams to produce to a certain criteria or standard.

In turn, this will foster audacity, empowering developers to work at a high level of innovation and greater degree of self-representation. Success will come from quality, clarity, and innovative ideas, as well as good business and production practices as facilitated by Rad Magpie, not from “playing it safe."

Championing Diverse Projects

We have the freedom to champion diverse projects and create a safe space for the developers of those projects to experiment with something they truly want to make. We don’t just want to make unique games, we want to redesign the process from the ground up. Modern creative work can so often become neglectful of its creator. If we change the way we make interactive media to be more fluid and forgiving of the developer and incorporate healthy workflow, the safer the space becomes for those who come from all walks of life. Through empowering diverse developers to create what they want to create in a way that feels good, the better the overall industry becomes. We’re tired of seeing the same story told 10 different ways. We’re tired of crunch culture. We crave the unique product that comes from a marriage of different perspectives, and we’re excited to facilitate spaces where we can burn those outdated concepts to the ground and grow something healthy from the ashes.