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Our Mission

Rad Magpie’s mission is diversity through radical interactive media. We are changing the landscape of game development by providing support, access, and resources to those traditionally under-represented in the industry. By providing community and mentorship, we create a space for new voices; by championing new voices, we bring radical new stories to the world.

The Magpie

Ellie was drawn by  @aghostplant

Ellie was drawn by @aghostplant

Ellie is a magpie with a mission: she wants to found a guild of adventurers like herself, the kind facing the gauntlet of challenges along the mountain pass. This alliance will gain experience as it grows through the power of solidarity, but Ellie is starting out alone.

Though she is a new player, Ellie is scrappy. She will need to level up by meeting with potential allies, other travelers along the way, but her journey through the mountains is a worthy adventure. As she gains experience, she will be better equipped to brave the terrain and any foes that might appear. Most importantly, Ellie knows she can find allies who allow her strengths to shine. 

Follow along with us as Ellie levels up and gains the equipment she needs to fulfill her mission!

Check this page throughout our annual campaign as we watch Ellie progress.

2018-2019 in Review

Here at Rad Magpie, we believe in the power of solidarity. We provide support and mentorship to the aspiring game developers who need it most, and build our own network of allies in the industry. In 2018, we saw the need to support students from traditionally under-represented groups at the collegiate level, and incubated two female- , LGBTQ- , and POC-driven teams over the summer. Over the last year, we have grown to include

We’ve seen pretty rapid success, but we need our alliance to come together to sustain our progress. Join us — make a donation today!